You are currently viewing Misunderstanding Your Cult Or Religion #TNNS83 with guest AD

Misunderstanding Your Cult Or Religion #TNNS83 with guest AD

Jamie Mack starts the show off talking about public transportation and its lack of recent safety. Planes falling out of the sky and disappearing, rescue helicopters not making it back from Nepal relief, and most recently trains derailing in the middle of the night. Jamie mack chooses to stay at home where it is safe.

Next, we discuss the difference between cults, religions, and secret societies. Jamie Mack starts it off with trying to figure out what Masons are. This quickly falls into a conversation about religion and how it is interweaved throughout secret societies and cults. In Jamie Mack’s quest for truth, he forgets the major tenants of his religion and is forced to create a new religion. Is Jamie Mack the new Martin Luther? Will he find peace and redemption in the after? Will the secret societies or ISIS come for him and disappear him? You will have to tune in to find out.

Meanwhile Jaye Smooth thinks that Bilderberger is a burger spot that Mark Wahlberg and his brothers run. I get called an Atheist once again. I am really tired of the labels. You Christians and your silly labels.

Anyway, Jamie Mack wears another muscle shirt to the show and Jaye has to let him have it....


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