Minimalism Leads To Minimal Success #TNNS337

Episode #TNNS337

Jaye Smooth went against the grain and watched the History Channel recently. Sadly, you know what happens when you give Smooth a little new info?just enough to be dangerous??Nothing. He still has no extra powers. It is as if he didn't even learn anything. This time, it was to the flavor of JFK. He watched a new documentary about the old shooting. He wants to discuss conspiracy theories and Trump electing to release some unheard information about the shooting. Jamie Mack is upset that I will not say that it was obviously a cover-up. I am not sure. Maybe Lee Harvey actually did work alone and then got merked by an upset civilian.

Next, I try to rehash the argument form last week about success. I tried to submit new information that was sure to get Jaye Smooth and Jamie Mack into a place of spiritual peace. A place where money meant less to them. And where their success was tied more to internal fulfillment. Believe it or not Jaye Smooth is slowly making his move to the side of reason. Mack felt like arguing. It did not go well. But you guys get to enjoy our debate.



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