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Ménage’ing Before Thanksgiving #MLL008

Music Love Life
Music Love Life
Ménage'ing Before Thanksgiving #MLL008

Ménage’ing Before Thanksgiving – MUSIC•LOVE•LIFE Episode #8

Nicki Minaj’s Paper Mag cover causes Christal and Kevin to draw swords.

B-Honest continues to gush about his love for Popeyes, insisting his 20% military discount increases its deliciousness. He and Christal encourage the Popeyes turkey for turkey day.

Kevin sticks to his alkaline ways of shaming anyone ignorant enough to eat pork butt, especially when feces can be squeezed out of it.

Christal begs the question to women, which they would prefer a mans time or his money.

B-Honest suggests men that make a lot of money don’t have to ascribe to a monogamous lifestyle of one.

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