Men Lie, Women Lie, Jaye Smooth Lies #TNNS425

Episode #425

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Baylor the Great calls in with a grievance. He feels left out of the nonsense. My promise is that we will get him on a show soon. French Reggy proves he does have the ability to speak with bass in his voice. However, he still talks about gay things. So there's that. French Reggy is fresh off a rap beef loss. And I think I have finally figured out what Reggy's problem is with rap and English. It is so simple that it is hard for him. Listen to this ninja struggle through my coaching.

Reggy gets walked down yet another street. Figures. Jaye Smooth wants to talk numbers. Men lie, women lie, Jaye Smooth lies. And a moment of silence for all the dudes lying on their meat. It has to stop. It really has to stop....


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