You are currently viewing Men Are from Heaven, Women Are From Hell #TNNS228

Men Are from Heaven, Women Are From Hell #TNNS228

Men Are from Heaven, Women Are From Hell #TNNS228

Before you read any further, I need you to understand that this show is a 2-hour argument between O Dubb and Jamie Mack.

News Flash…Women hear things differently than men. In fact, most of the things that women talk about is irrelevant. By the way, these are the words of Jamie Mack…Not me. Jamie Mack feels like women say the same thing over and over and are also masters of small talk. Now, small talk is the bane of my existence. O Dubb loves small talk and is willing to ride for women and every mundane topic they want to have mouth diarrhea about. We agree that Jaye Smooth capitalizes off of this weakness. His game is best suited for small talk.

Regardless we figure out a way to make O Dubb believe that we think he and Jaye Smooth are just alike. Why does he become so angry?

Kit thinks that the only difference between men and women is the ability to articulate their emotions.

This week’s Question-The-Nonsense segment is long due to our Slack Room members posting an insane amount of questions for us. Jamie Mack and O Dubb argue through most of the answers. Luckily Kit and I are there to keep things grounded. Just so you know, if this show seems a little disjointed, it is because I had to edit out about 40 minutes of various arguments throughout the show. These two guys really got under my skin....


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