Mediums, Goats, And Jesus…What’s Behind Door Number 4? #TNNS372

Episode #372
Jaye Smooth is back. YAY! He is bearing gifts for everyone. He calls out French Reggy for not ever bringing gifts. Jamie Mack calls French Reggy out for looking down on Americans. Jamie Mack and I are just counting the days until the First Annual Competition between Smooth And French. If you are a listener, you know what they are competing over.
Mack wants to circle back to Trump's first year in office. Can we say that everything is all bad so far? Can we not give any credit to the new administration? I for one am ready for welfare to go. Jaye Smooth wants to figure out a way to trick the system. This is why they have to go.
Somewhere along the way, I find a way to make fun of Jamie Mack for believing in mediums. French Reggy for believing in Goats, and Jaye SMooth for believing in everything. I can't help it if I wanted to. Wouldn't help it even if I could.
Jamie Mack has been watching too much TV and even sober his viewing choices have made him paranoid. He wants to know if it is okay for your wife to have a male best friend. For me, that's a no. Jaye Smooth claims it is because I am controlling. I will let you have that one. You let your wife have a best friend with a penis.Let me know how that works out for you....


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