McGrady Lazy-Eyed Curry’s Accomplishment #NNS51

McGrady Lazy-Eyed Curry’s Accomplishment #NNS51

No Nonsense Sports
No Nonsense Sports
McGrady Lazy-Eyed Curry's Accomplishment #NNS51

Guest host Baylor The Great @BaylorTheGreat

Spurs acting their age and facing elimination. Meanwhile Oklahoma City is looking like the stronger matchup for the next round against the Warriors.

Portland is eliminated but not before participating in the best series of the playoffs this year. Even though the series ended 4-1, they provided excellent competition and made the games exciting.

Cavaliers at home waiting for the next round again. Atlanta proved once again that they are a waste of space in the playoffs.

The Miami and Toronto series is still up in the air.

#Light skin teammates matter…just check the stats for Steph and Klay.

I shot 1/17 but was the hero by the end of the game…the lesson I learned from a bad shooting night was….#Nothing


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