Marshawn Lynch…The New Face Of Mental Differences #NNS13

Marshawn Lynch…The New Face Of Mental Differences #NNS13
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On todays show I talk about the mental differences that make Marshawn Lynch and Josh Gordon do some of the things they do.

I also discuss why reporters still ask Marshawn questions knowing what they are going to get from him, and what is the NFL’s role in making this a continuous issue?

I discuss the BIG GAME and who I think will win and why.

I discuss deflate-gate and if its a real issue.

I discuss the NBA and the Bulls vs Warriors game in particular as it was a Rucker Park type performance from Derrick Rose.

And last but not least, I discuss the MOW in my ESPN Fantasy Basketball League – Media Masters as it wasn’t me this week for the 1st time in 3 weeks.

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