Man Moan #TNNS455

Man Moan #TNNS455

Episode #455

French Reggy has a little troll in the back of his throat. No punchline. I'm serious. This is why he can't complete sounds. Funny, he only hates English. And he really enjoys making noise during sex. Moaning is not for men. Can a man moan in a masculine way? Don't let it happen to you, fellas. Don't fall for the femininity of your sex life. Keep it G.

Jamie Mack doesn't want to know what his kids are doing when he isn't around. He calls his kids when he is thirty minutes away from returning home. Out of sight, out of mind. And he is okay with that. I personally want to know it all. How else can I guide? Jaye Smooth is still pretending that his daughter will wait until she is old to have sex. But everyone knows otherwise. Either way, don't you want to know what they are doing?

What is domestic violence to you? It seems like the tide is turning on what is considered violence. Even still, our guest Rell has yoked someone up before. So we must define domestic violence. Hint...You can't shake a bench.


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