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Man I Miss My Dawg

The No Nonsense Show Episode #645

These fools lost my damn dog!!! The two smokers just haaaaaad to smoke and as they went out, they left the front door cracked. My curious dog wanted to check on them. They didn't care. They came back in. They locked the door. The part of the show where I am grabbing my dog from the cold and then taking him up to Kit, you hear these two jerks making excuses. Don't leave your dog around these nincompoops.

When I come back to the mic, they lie about the whole endeavor. I know this because there are cameras all around my exterior. So Kit and I see the dog aimlessly wondering around them outside. Then they come inside and Mosley is just walking around or another 2 minutes before coming to scratch on my front door. Luckily I heard him through the headphones and saved him. Thanks Duke for the assist.

We have a few more PREEEEEEMEEEEEEIUMMMMM Contestants submissions. French Reggy doesn't like them.

I want to talk about getting ahead. There is a misconception that everyone should be "given" the chance to get ahead. What does that mean for people that work to get ahead? Before we know it the conversation goes zero dark 3000. What is the reason for anything?!?!?!?!?!

Man I Miss My Dawg #TNNS645

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