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Man Crush Monday And How That Effects/Affects Jaye Smooth #TNNS62

Jamie Mack starts off the show with a pet peeve. From now on when you call him, leave a message. This is especially important when you have called more than once and he doesn’t answer. I chime in with a message to the people that ask me if I am free before asking me what they need. Because of this I always lie and say I have something to do. You lose.

We read our newest five-star rating from DannyG1989. Thank you for your rating!

We also listen to a voicemail from one of our listeners from Denver. You have no idea how thankful we are for your voicemail. We really appreciate the feedback. And sorry but we will continue to drag Jaye Smooth through the streets of Atlanta. But don’t let that stop you from hitting us up again.

I battle Jaye Smooth in No Nonsense Trivia. This should be a good one….NOT!!!

Next I bring up snitching and what it means in modern black culture. Somehow, black people have decided that telling anything on anyone is snitching. Is there no reason to tell on someone? No matter how it effects your life and how it effects your loved one’s lives?

At some point black inner city people are going to need to open dialogue about things that are being done. Police look at all of us as the enemy because we wont speak to them. Does this snitching issue in some way lead to young black people being shot by police? Find out by listening in.

Next Jamie Mack talks about man crushes and if it is okay to have one if you are a heterosexual man. Does anybody on our show have a man crush on anyone? Jaye Smooth gets ambushed and responds accordingly.

Next Jamie Mack wants to know how important reliability is. What are your thoughts? Does it matter if someone is unreliable on the little things as long as they are there for you when you really need them?

Is reliability trained or just a natural behavior?

Last, Jaye Smooth offers some Friendly Advice in our new segment. This one is for the ladies....


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