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MAGA Men Wish Death ‘Pon Me #MLL054

Music Love Life
Music Love Life
MAGA Men Wish Death 'Pon Me #MLL054
MAGA Men Wish Death 'Pon Me #MLL055

Episode #54

Christal is shocked to learn that women truly are irrational. B-honest and Kevin feel women and Trump have a lot in common because of their irrational thinking and fake hair. Last week’s rape culture discussion results in additional fodder for this week as a listener has feedback for the group. Christal decides to be more of an influence on drunk girls and B-Honest admits to blacking out. Although everyone is upset by the Jussie Smollett attack, B-Honest isn’t buying the MAGA villain. Christal admits the attack is straight out of a 1930’s Birth of a Nation plotline but Kevin isn’t so sure. MLL smells a rat.

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