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Mack On The Floor

The No Nonsense Show Episode #639

I would like to tell you about the two or three topics we discussed on this show. But Jamie Mack does not know how to keep Reggy's girl's name out of his mouth. Well not his girl...More like the picture of his girl. Mack spent more time on the floor than he did on the mic.

Is there such a thing as a victim-less crime? I am not so sure, but Mack is willing to walk us down the "path". Normally I would say walk us down the street. But this same friend of Mack's also has sex with women outside in alley ways and paths.

I can't take ratchet. Jamie Mack's friend used to break in houses and have girls come over for sex. Nope. No. Not going to happen. Women please listen to this PSA about not being a whore.

This is one of those episodes that we can't hide behind the premium wall.

Mack On The Floor #TNNS639

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