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Lying His Way Through The Pandemic

Black On Both Sides
Lying His Way Through The Pandemic

Black On Both Sides Episode #76

Kunta had a home emergency requiring the essential services of Home Depot. Did you know that Home Depot is an essential business? You probably wouldn’t think so until you have a leaking pipe during the apocolypse.

Evangelicals want you to disregard your job and give it all to the lord. So if you have been holding on to that 10% thinking you needed to save it for a rainy day, don’t fret. Just give it to the lord and he will provide. Kit and I are not tithing. So, there’s that.

King Kunta wants Trump to shut his mouth as an alternative from telling lies. As much as I think there is an honesty issue, I also feel like the regular joe has a responsibility to not poke the bear. Either way, Kunta is glad that there is an expert just to the side of Trump to fill in all of the gaps that Trump leaves.

Lying His Way Through The Pandemic? #BOBS076

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