Look Me In My Eyes And Thank Me #TNNS493

Look Me In My Eyes And Thank Me #TNNS493

Episode #493

Kit is in the studio at the request of Jamie Mack. He feels as though talking about a woman’s body without a woman present is inappropriate. So yes we are going to talk about abortion once again. There is still a little bit more to get out. Kit holds her own. And yes we are married. Just as I yelled during Black On Both Sides, She yells on this show. Oddly, Jaye Smooth brings more feminine energy to the conversation than Kit does.

Speaking of soapy baths, I had my first pedicure and it wasn’t terrible. Had she offered a happy ending it would have been hard to turn down. So this means that I absolutely cannot go to Thailand. This lady was just rubbing my feet…BUT…she looked me in the eyes and thanked me for having great feet. For years Jamie Mack would not let women he was having sex with look him in the eyes at all. I am not sure if this is related.

Jamie Mack is wondering if sex is better in the beginning of a relationship or at the end. All the history that you have built with someone, is it baggage? Or is it bliss? Jaye Smooth swears that he has mastered tantric sex. He can now have it with every woman he sexes. He must have gotten a lot of practice on the road to 300.

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