Look At Dad’s Balls #TNNS449

Look At Dad’s Balls #TNNS449

Episode #449

Remember how I was saying that you should expose your kid to everything? Well this guy took my opinion seriously...Too seriously. He says that he has sex right in front of his kid. He lets his kid play with his thinga-ma-bob. They laugh about it together. When keeping it real gets weird? Maybe. Jamie Mack couldn't even take his dad's balls after showering together into his early teens. Apparently all the Macks need ball bras.

French Reggy wants to be a Republican so bad. His topic on this episode tries to expose the Libs and their plight to put us all back into slavery...or at least a form of it. Reggy believes that Democrats ave to run on change or hope. Just being better than the Republicans is not good enough for him.


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