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Living The Abused LIfe

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Living The Abused LIfe

The No Nonsense Show Episode #634

Jamie Mack accuses me of being a killer. It turns out this is an accusation based on his own guilt. Mack has killed another animal. This actually may be his first kill (this year). There were reports of dog fighting one time, but this is more personal.

It turns out being the abuser is very easy, especially when you form cognitive dissonance towards the subject.

The topic on the table today is how long you would stay with a woman/man that cheated, stole, and treated you wrong. How willing are we to stay in a situation that has no sign of getting better. The caveat is that you don’t think you can do better. If this is all you can get, why fall so far?

No matter how much it hurts to leave, isn’t that better than staying with the abuser?

Living The Abused LIfe #TNNS634

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