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Light Skin, Pretty Hair, No Body Broad #TNNS234

Jaye Smooth is NOT the producer of this show. But he sure does make an ass of himself when he pretends to be. We recorded this show one day before the election. Jaye Smooth was so sure that Hillary was going to win, he decided to pretend like it was already so. He tells Trump's supporters "you're fired". Stop producing and just be on the show, Jaye.

Carmella is back and wants to discuss the double standards between men and women. Haven't we just accepted this gap? Not Jaye Smooth. He uses this opportunity to 1. Say that he wants a hoe. 2. Shoot his shot at Carmella. Carmella calls him out. Jaye Smooth decides to go all in. We create a role play opportunity for Jaye Smooth to show off his game. WOW! This sucks.

Next, we get a little serious. Should the rules surrounding choosing to abort a child rest solely on the woman's shoulders? Does the man have a choice? If the man doesn't want a child, why would the woman want to do it on their own? Unusual for the No Nonsense Show, but Carmella brings enough sense to even quiet me.

Our Question-The-Nonsense segment is hilarious. Thank you, Carmella, for making this episode great!



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