Liar Liar The Pats Are Under Fire #NNS24

Liar Liar The Pats Are Under Fire #NNS24

Liar Liar The Pats Are Under Fire #NNS24
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What a week in sports! I had to start show off with the latest on “deflategate”, and all the fall out from it. Where do you stand? If you stand anywhere else than Brady is lying then I’d love to hear from you. Is this is a big deal? Inly the lying that is being done to cover it up is and I discuss my opinion. This is just a bad look for the Patriots and Brady.

Did you pay for the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight? If so how do you feel about your investment? I thought the PRE-fight festivities were the most entertaining part of the fight? Did you see the BURGER KING in Floyd’s entourage? Would you take a selfie walking down to ring? Is this where our society is now?

Although I would have voted for James Harden if I had a vote… I am not mad and am actually glad to see Steph Curry win the NBA MVP award. If you weren’t or aren’t a fan please Youtube his acceptance speech.

How are you feeling about the NBA playoffs? I love them except for the mack schedule that has a team taking 3 days off between gams and other teams only getting 1 day of rest. Someone has to be smart enough in the NBA offices to get a better playoff schedule. C’mon man! Can the Cavs do it without KLove? I discuss.

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