You are currently viewing Let’s Not Make-Up And Just Have Angry Sex #TNNS266

Let’s Not Make-Up And Just Have Angry Sex #TNNS266

Let's Not Make-Up And Just Have Angry Sex #TNNS266

Jamie Mack is back in full effect. 100% as healthy as a person can be in a world where the sky is constantly full of chemtrails. He wants to talk about why make-up sex is overrated. He would prefer to stay angry. I have always felt like all sex should have a little anger involved. Jaye Smooth doesn’t need to have make-up sex because he is always lying. He hardly gets caught. Well, maybe it is just because women don’t feel like going through the trouble of exposing the lie. Long ago, I let Jaye Smooth know that I would never lie for him if his girl called me. So do not use me in your lie. I will not protect you.

Baylor joins us for trivia to redeem himself from the last time.

Jaye Smooth wants to talk about the water issue that is happening in Jackson, MS. He has family members that will be without water for a few days. The obvious question is why they don’t leave. They have at least one family member in Atlanta that they can stay with for a few days. His family will not have water to drink and he thinks it is a literal thirst trap.

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