You are currently viewing Let’s Make Jaye Smooth Great Again #TNNS232

Let’s Make Jaye Smooth Great Again #TNNS232

Let's Make Jaye Smooth Great Again #TNNS232

Jaye Smooth is really selling this "New Jaye Smooth" idea. I wouldn't bet any money on this, though. He compares himself to Trump and then makes a claim to make Jaye Smooth great again. We make an attempt to help make him great. Trump would fail at making him great again. HAs Jaye ever been great?

The first topic is about accepting 1 Million dollars to leave your wife or significant other. Jamie Mack cannot be bought. Every one else? As it turns out, ego plays a major part in how much money we will accept for our woman.

We also discuss living your dreams or just getting a job. Millennials have grown up not wanting to work a job. Most of them just stay at home and live off of their parents while they figure it out. But what about our generation? Are we also able to give up the 9 to 5 and chase our dreams or are we too accustomed to what our parents did?

Jaye Smooth wants to talk about talking too much around your friends. He thinks that women tell too much of their business to each other including what type of sex their man is providing them. Do guys talk more than women? I personally don't mind my woman's friends knowing how great I am in bed.

Last we answer our Question-The-Nonsense questions....


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