Let Your Kids Curse You Out #TNNS447

Let Your Kids Curse You Out #TNNS447

Episode #447 

Reggie is still salty about Tuesday's show. So much so, that he can’t even start the premium show off correctly. But he does have smoke for smooth. He wants to know what’s going on with all the fake pictures he takes with his cute android phone filters.

Awareness or innocence? Jamie Mack wants to know which way we prefer our kids to be. In a world of so much anguish how could you want to keep your kids innocent on purpose?

As a parent are we supposed to protect or prepare our kids? I say give them the real and let the chips fall. Meanwhile we have all seen the white child in the mall cursing at the top of their lungs at their mom. Is there any benefit to allowing this behavior?

French wants to know why calling a woman single is an insult. This seems to drive women crazy. I have a theory that is bound to ruffle some feathers. And birds have lots of feathers. Jaye Smooth thinks just like women so he is sympathetic.


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