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Less Gay With No Jaye #TNNS284

Less Gay With No Jaye #TNNS284

Jaye Smooth called in at the last minute to say that he wasn't coming. Speaking of gay, MTV awarded Moonlight for having the best kissing scene of the year. Jamie Mack says that they have also removed gender from the award show altogether. Oh well. Mack and I took the wives to a crazy event in the country called Black Light Slide and had a ball getting sprayed with neon black light paint and jumping with the white people of North Georgia.

I was once told that fast food restaurants that have sandwiches with grill marks on them were not real. I was told that there is a machine that sprays or paints the chargrilled line on the burger or chicken. Then I did research and learned that it was true. Your favorite chargrilled experience is a combination of Smoke flavored fat marinade and a machine that paints grill marks on your food. Bon appetit!

Jamie Mack doesn’t believe in ISIS. He is unsure how a bunch of people in the middle of the desert with little money pose any threat to us. He apparently saw a recruitment video and doesn't understand how anyone joins. From non-aiming and shooting to silly obstacle courses, he isn’t impressed and doesn't think he wants to join.

Baylor sends us a voicemail about how racist the south is. He believes that we still have sit-ins in local malt shops. He wants to know how we cope with all of the racism. Aren’t Skinheads from Cali and Northwest America? That is considered the new Nazis. I’m not sure that the south is as racist as outsiders think it is. Racism is all across the country.

Texas is trying to take slavery out of history books in an effort to quell white guilt. But is this a blessing in disguise? Could it lend to black people letting go of the victim stigma?

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