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The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Latino Rrrreggy

The No Nonsense Show Episode #702

Did you know that Reggy is Latino? Neither did he. But we love making sure we fatten somebody up on our show. Today was Reggy’s day. So now we don’t think he should be able to say the N word. What do you think? Now he is color struck and may need to beach his skin like MJ. How else can he fit in with his new heritage?

Jamie Mack wants to know which vagina is the safest? With all of this color talk, can you guess which direction Mack goes? French surprised us too. You will never guess where he picked. I can tell you that it wasn’t an island off the west coast of Africa. My selection plays it really, really safe as long as you keep her mouth shut.

French Reggy thinks that Democracy is dead…and we killed it. This entire presidency has been an attempt at our rights and it seems like it is only getting worse.You guys remember when Biden was going to save the country from the damages Trump doled out? Yeah, so how is that going?

Latino Rrrreggy #TNNS702

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