Lap It Up Like A Puppy

Lap It Up Like A Puppy

The No Nonsense Show Episode #558

French Reggy makes it back stateside and is showing off his new local Chinese fashion. Who needs a bill to a ball cap?

Jamie Mack wants to discuss the female equivalent to erectile disfunction. Is dryness a big problem for women on the downside of of the mountain. We can’t dig too deep before Smooth makes good on his cuckold guest appearance. Last week we began a conversation on the motivation behind being the husband in that arrangement. This week we finish the conversation with an on-phone bull. I am more confused after the interview. Let’s just say that if the session is successful, a grown man laps up the prize like a puppy.

French Reggy doesn’t understand government. To be fair, none of us do. However, he thinks the country would be better off with no executive branch for a little while. With the un-electale Dems and the allegedly incompetent Republicans, what do we have to lose?

Lap It Up Like A Puppy #TNNS558

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