You are currently viewing Ladies, Free Your Cha Cha and Your Ta Ta’s #TNNS279

Ladies, Free Your Cha Cha and Your Ta Ta’s #TNNS279

Ladies, Free Your Cha Cha and Your Ta Ta’s #TNNS279

Atlanta has another highway issue. So now we have fires, chemical spills, and gas leaks that have caused major damage to our cities’ infrastructure. Meanwhile Jaye Smooth and Jamie Mack have come together in their hatred for me. Dare I say best friends? They are still upset with me for claiming that they don’t offer much help with the show. I am honestly okay with it if it pushes the show to new places.

Jamie Mack is not letting you die on him if you owe him money. Somebody who lives where you live is gonna pay him. Jaye Smooth is still mad about a 40 dollar loan he gave me (that I paid him back for). I can let you slide unless you are 10k in debt to me.

I want to know why there is so much agility racism from black people. I personally think that Asian people may be neck in neck when it comes to dance moves. Have you seen the Jabberwocky? Plus they do amazing Kung-Fu routines. I am willing to go on record as saying that Asians are more coordinated than black people. I ain’t never met a black Tai-Chi instructor.

Jaye Smooth wants to know how comfortable we are with our woman not wearing panties. Mack and I are very comfortable. In fact, we are willing to see your panties and raise you a bra. We believe in a free titty and coochie society. Women let your titties free.

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