Does Korea Town Have Nukes? #TNNS335

Episode #335

Jamie Mack thinks that if you do dangerous things, you have a death wish. Bungee jumping, MMA, base jumping, stuntmen, crackheads, living in the hood. I am not so sure. Maybe it is my white side saying that living on the edge is how you know you are alive. Many of us trudge through our daily routine wishing we were someone else. A more dangerous and adventurous man, most likely.

French Reggy and his friends were having a conversation recently about war on American soil. He wonders how we would react. Considering many of us urban dwellers have become conditioned to a Starbucks and bagel every morning, the results would be awful. I happen to think that geographically we are in a place that offers very little chance for outside forces to leverage a Red Dawn type takeover. In order for us to get hit, Little Tokyo or Korea Town would have to stand up and launch a nuke.

I decide to spend a few moments reflecting on what I consider success. Far be if for me to leave my co-hosts out on an opportunity to step into our thoughts and redefine what success is to us. Turns out, we are more materialistic than we admit to. In fact, half of us tie our success directly to monetary accomplishments. Since none of us are part of the 1%?Good luck with that....


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