Kiss The Weed Together

The No Nonsense Show Episode #559

French Reggy wipes his nose and Mack swears he has the coronavirus. Reggy please don't bring us any diseases. Mack and Reggy kiss weed together. So maybe Mack will develop a cough.

Reggy has been observing things and has more life experiences now that he is in China. Cougars have shown him that they are in these streets. He feels like they are running around adding bodies like exponents. Is there an age where body count doesn't count anymore? Does it hurt a woman's chance of getting remarried? How many marriages is too many? Is the number different for men than it is for women?

Then we put together our list of Top 10 white people that black people accept and support. Who would be on your list?

Kiss The Weed Together #TNNS559

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