We Were Kicked Out Of The Black Narrative Meeting #TNNS301

Off the Rails. Even though we begin talking about whether or not an ex can become your best friend even if you are in a new relationship, we end up running through a list of edgy topics. First off, There is no way you get to keep an ex-boyfriend just repackaging that dude as a best friend. The temptation may arise and I just don’t need that kind of pressure in my life. Break his heart. Let it go. Get a new friend. Keep it moving.

Next, we move into uncharted territory. Where did Black Lives Matter go? Is black girl magic real? Does melanin give you powers? Why humans are from Africa? Why white people would have to be descendants of the same kings that black people claim to be decadents of? French Reggy brings up Adaptation and Mutation. I bring it back to the need for Vitamin D. Can you handle it? Can you hold on? We promise you may be offended by this show. But you should still listen. If for nothing else, just to be outraged that three black people (well, 2 and a half) are willing to branch out from the narrative that all black people are taught in our black narrative calibration meetings.



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