Keep Your Cuckold Classy

The No Nonsense Show Episode #557

Jamie Mack wants to prove to King Kunta that swinging and sister-wifing are not the same. In fact, swingers are just cuckolds with privileges. Smooth proves that he is a modern man by admitting he would let his woman cuckold him if she really wants to do it. Maybe he is just lazy and knows he can’t do all the work. 

Jamie Mack swears on his long balls that he wouldn’t allow it in any relationship where he cared for the woman.  But I think there is some wiggle room here. Smooth threatens to make the show even more awesome by bringing in a guest that has been the bull in a few cuckolding sessions. But then he fumbles as usual. If you are going to be part of a cuckold session...keep it classy.

We learn that Jamie Mack doesn’t even like vagina. He only has sex with women to make sure they know that penis is still more important  than homo-sex. That’s the only reason he still beats the effort. 

What are the chances of another Black Wall Street situation coming about? Even in a city like Atlanta where black money stretched as long as the Chattahoochee river, this is unlikely. Dame Dash says everyone should be a boss. And this is why we could never have BWS. The symbiotic balance needed between black owners and customers make it difficult for BWS to exist without both. So who is ready to be the bell boy at that new black hotel? How much slack should you give a cheating boyfriend? At some point you are just making excuses for them. 

Keep Your Cuckold Classy #TNNS557

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