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Keep Us In Your Prayers

Keep Us In Your Prayers

The No Nonsense Show Episode #587

Jaye Smooth prays for the show. Although he says he prays most of the time, he has never prayed for our shows success. Say what??? We are almost in year 6.

Our media and citizens have been running their mouths recklessly about the office of the presidency. I take offense to that. I don’t agree with or even like Trump. But he is our president. And a bunch of people running their mouths make me sorry I served my country for them.

Mack doesn’t agree with me at all. But he does think that natural causes like Coronavirus is above the President’s purview. He doesn’t think any president would have handled this situation any better.

French Reggy thinks that we should start having 4 years marriages. At that point there would be an audit and a license would have to be resubmitted in order for the marriage to continue.

Keep Us In Your Prayers #TNNS587

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