Keep Making Me Believe It Feels Good #TNNS406

Episode #406

Jaye Smooth wants to talk about anal fistulas. I'm not surprised. Eventually, he will ease on out and live his truth. But in the meantime, we will just laugh at him in his uncomfortable life. Obviously, this organically takes us to ATM porn, which makes Jamie Mack smile. Jaye Smooth gets all of his cofidence from his ability to make women do things during sex.

I had a come to Jesus moment. Yes, I am religious again. But don't's just for fun. Life is much more fun when you believe. But not just that. I want to believe everything. I think I may actually like the lie better than the truth. Speaking of fun, have you ever played the game where you prove to a girl you aren't whipped by having emotionless sex with her; only to have her reciprocate the feeling by showing you she isn't whipped either? My advice? Don't do it. It is far more pleasurable to keep believing that you are a punisher and that you could shame the Gods with your sexual prowess....


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