Keep All Compliments About My Wife Above The Neck #TNNS344

Episode #344

Jamie Mack wants to know how far is too far when it comes to a man complimenting your wife and kids. In his daily travels, he witnessed someone (that was not related to the family) going overboard with compliments and touching members of the family. It is true that compliments make the world go round. However, please put a cap on how much you compliment us. All of your compliments about my wife need to be about things froth neck up. No, you can't say she has a pretty mouth. Top lip and up. You know what?Just don't compliment her. By the way, did I mention that my college friend Tee dropped by? French Reggy said that he would just call someone's wife lovely. Tee asked him not to do that. That sounds weird.

Next Jaye Smooth and French Reggy battle in Are You Better At Subject/Verb Agreement Than An Immigrant. French Reggy has a big problem with this as you all know. I sat with him as he did his part of the quiz before the show. It was really bad. Now let's see if Jaye Smooth deserves his citizenship or not.

French Reggy wants to know how long you are going to let your personal tragedy hold you back. I mean sure you became disfigured in a knife fight 10 years ago. But how long is that going to be your crutch? At some point French Reggy feels like you have to get past it. I personally give someone two summers. The first year you can be sad. But then you better start working on the new you. The world will not wait.




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