Kam Only Drinks From A Chalice

Kam Only Drinks From A Chalice

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Kam Only Drinks From A Chalice

The No Nonsense Show Episode #749

The VID still has its grips on Mack. So we remote him in. One thing you can take away from this show is that the patriarchy is real and in full effect.

Men are insecure and it is because of women. At least this one woman who lets us know through an awful vocal fried voice, how her man hated her because she made more than him. Didn’t take long for Kam to get his pimp stick out and lay it down on her. We learned that Kam can’t drink wine from a wine glass. He needs his diamond and ruby encrusted chalice to drink from.

Mack knows someone that is caught in a relationship where his role is to make the other person happy. But what happens when that person has assumed the role of needing to be made made happy? Chaos and broken hearts.

Kam Only Drinks From A Chalice #TNNS749

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