Just When You Thought Bananas Were Good For You #MLL038

Just When You Thought Bananas Were Good For You #MLL038
Music Love Life

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Episode #38

Christal is in a good mood because Lil Duval said Smile B*tch…but her feminist loyalty won’t allow her to let the guys use the b-word. B-Honest is a music snob so he isn’t amused by Lil Duval’s top ten hit while Kevin is indifferent.

Dating transgender women is the topic as Christal explains a Facebook friend’s dilemma. After noticing a beautiful Atlanta woman the unsuspecting guy asks her on a date only to discover she has a banana. If it walks like a woman, has breasts like a woman and a booty like a woman….is it a woman?

B-honest tries to console the victim by blaming women for the transgender’s sexy vibe. Kevin advises men to check baby pics via Facebook moving forward.

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