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Juneteenth – Coming To A Job Near You

Black On Both Sides
Juneteenth - Coming To A Job Near You

Black On Both Sides Episode #124

If you are looking for a show that gives you low brow foodie info and high brow black history, Kunta recommends High on the Hog. This is a show just in time for Juneteenth. Speaking of Juneteenth, how many of you celebrated this? How many of you have been celebrating this for years? Liars! This was not a thing 10 years ago. In fact, 5 years ago, a few “woke” black people were carrying on about it. Now you would think that this is something we celebrated since we were kids. Now I understand its value, but let’s not pretend like this is a tradition that we have all grown up with. Either way, it is now recognized as a Federal Holiday. And I can appreciate that. Kunta is suspicious how it passed unanimously.

How did IKEA Atlanta show their support for Juneteenth? By serving fried chicken and watermelon in their cafeteria. Do the Swedes not know about tropes? I know I should be offended, but I think it is hilarious in today’s onslaught of social awareness. The next time you need a cheap sofa, you can grab some watermelon too.

The Raider have the first openly gay active NFL player. Is this a beautiful sign that acceptance can exist in the NFL Locker Room? Or a soon to be nightmare for public relations? Or…is it all a lie?

Oh and Derek Chauvin got 22 years.

Juneteenth – Coming To A Job Near You #BOBS124

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