Judge This Podcast #MLL047

Judge This Podcast #MLL047
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Judge This Podcast #MLL047

Episode #47

@bundleofbrittany has B-Honest all riled up because her “book” is out. Kevin has been eagerly awaiting to rile B-Honest and Christal with Brittany’s literary debut. He is also gracious enough to point out that Brittany has an audio book just in case fans actually want to hear her voice along with the naked pic on the cover. Christal is angry and wants Brittany’s stories about Kaepernick shut down for the sake of the culture.

She also isn’t here for Tip’s “Dimetrap” PSA featuring Melania Trump.

B-Honest has an epiphany that includes Kim K, the Kardashians and Ray J’s magical nut that singlehandedly propelled the family to millions – possibly even billions. Neither Christal nor Kevin can refute his philosophy – all agree Ray J is the man.

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