Joseph Was The First Cuckold #TNNS423

Episode #423

I further prove that none of my cohosts know anything about religion. French Reggy and Jaye Smooth will not admit that they are better men than god (even though god isn't a man). I can't believe that they are holding on to this stuff. Reggy thinks Magdeline is the Virgin Mary. And Joseph was a cuckold for the holy father.

French Reggy wants to work within the field of his degree. We heard Lebron is looking for a new guy to stretch out his legs before the game. You know, the guy that leans against another man's legs and pushes them back like he is putting him in the buck.

Mack wants to know what we feel like the optimal smell of cat is. Sweet and clean or like water. No matter where you land, it has to be pleasant. By the way, French Reggy doesn't know the difference between taste and smell...


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