Jesus Drove My Car Into A Pole #TNNS377

Episode #377

We respond to iNeedRest about the slack argument that made him feel like he needed to apologize. No need for apology, sir. But we will respond. Black men are so caught up on sexuality. White guys play gay all the time and aren't considered gay. Not that I want to play gay...But can we please relax on the phobia actions?

Reggy wants to discuss the presence of modern day miracles. Some lady tested her faith by closing her eyes and driving into an intersection. Some would say that her kids walking away from the crash without a scratch is proof of god's hand. I think that if god were involved, there wouldn't have been a wreck at all. She really asked Jesus to take the wheel. Your Mileage May Vary.

Mack wants to ask is how we would respond if someone approached our wife while we were sitting with her. What would you do? Black guys are "supposed" to be manly and fight. I guess that goes back to the phobia thing. We have to be hyper-masculine. But I say, de-escalate. Everyone wins. We all get to go home....


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