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Jaye Smooth’s Woman Has Bad Feet #TNNS71

Jaye Smooth starts the show off talking about people who are too old to be athletic. Apparently, he has never r, ad any articles on how not doing any exercise at the later stages of life is actually bad for you. He wants the world to be sedentary like him. We weighed in for our weight challenge. So far, Jaye Smooth weighs in the heaviest. I came in 4 pounds lighter than Jaye. Jamie Mack came in 13 pounds lighter than me.

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Jaye Smooth and Jamie Mack battle in No Nonsense Trivia.

Next I bring up the complaint that black people have about black representation in the media. For years people have been complaining about the small amount of balck people on tv shows and in movies. We break down how many shows have black stars or are centered around black life. And they are not all bad representation. I mean the Cosby Show and Martin paved the way for lots of today's positive shows.

Moving on, we discuss the duality in humanity. Is it possible for people to be both poles at the same time. Smart and dumb; Mean and nice; Giving and selfish. On our path to salvation do we get the opportunity to be both without trouble?

Finally, Jaye Smooth wants to discuss his discomfort and inability to accpet a woman with stinky feet. He thinks it is more accpetable for a man to have stinky feet than a woman. Where are the N.O.W. ladies when you need them. Probably sticking up for a black woman for the sole purpose of degrading a black man. Sorry for the digression....


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