Jaye Smooth’s Sperm Has An Extra Chromosome #TNNS265

Jaye Smooth’s Sperm Has An Extra Chromosome #TNNS265

Jaye Smooth’s Sperm Has An Extra Chromosome #TNNS265

Jamie Mack is back in the studio at about 75% health. He got up off of his sick bed and wanted to give the listeners something to listen to for the weekend. Bar a few uncontrollable coughs, he didn’t get anyone sick…yet. He really wanted to talk about the Oscar blunder. He is not upset that they originally gave the Best Picture award to La La Land. He is mad that Moonlight got an award at all. I have to agree with this one. That movie was not the best picture compared to movies from any year. The potential for it to be the movie that gave heterosexual America the ability to relate failed severely. By the end almost everyone that I have spoken to felt uncomfortable and tricked. In Jamie Mack’s mind, this movie should have won Worst Picture. He would have rather seen Fences or The Girl On The Train win this award. I agree. Fences was far better.

Jaye Smooth wants to talk kids. As usual, the conversation deteriorates because he really had no topic. It turns into an opportunity to talk more about disabled kids and midgets. At some point I see him marrying a midget and having a kid with down syndrome. It is just inevitable at this point.

Jamie Mack hates agendas. He is offended that March is National Woman’s Month. The gay agenda. The female agenda. He is overwhelmed by all of the agendas. I too have a complaint with the world. There is so much confusion these days in regards to globalization. I remember very recently that black people were fighting against New World Order and globalism. Now we get a puppet president that pisses you off but is wanting to end globalism and you are so upset that you forget what you really want. It is time for us to figure out what we want so that the politicians can’t pull us back and forth. I personally refuse to go back to the shackles of the left and their liberal fakeness. I can’t go with the right or Trump either. So where does that leave us? Time to really wake up.

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