You are currently viewing Jaye Smooth’s Eyes Don’t Sit Right #TNNS276

Jaye Smooth’s Eyes Don’t Sit Right #TNNS276

Jaye Smooth's Eyes Don't Sit Right #TNNS276

O Dubb is back in the studio and Jaye Smooth has to pee on his territory. You know how he is always intimidated when O Dubb shows up. Anyway, I went to pick O Dubb up for the show and he was draped in a velour bathrobe. Jaye Smooth used this as an opportunity to talk about penises. Penis prints, choosing between anal or oral and using both hands in a double doozy take up about 20 minutes.

Jamie Mack wants to talk about interacting with people who have lazy or cocked eyes. When he talks to me he can just not focus on anything. But he has major difficulties not focusing when the person has crossed eyes. Jaye Smooth realizes that he is cock-eyed and begins to take the conversation personally. I wonder if he is mad because his eyes are cocked or if it is just the wrong kind of cock?

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