Jaye Smooth’s Eyes Don’t Agree #TNNS395

Episode #395

French Reggy is upset that Harvey Weinstein was able to bond out. He doesn't feel like many other people could do that. This is probably true. But if I had the money, I would bond out also. Who wants to just sit in jail for days and days. For a big trial like this, it would be a while before they set a court date. Life sucks for the poor when it comes to the prison system. So what's new? French Reggy wants to figure out how to make justice fair. The irony, I know. I successfully end the idea of black people being racially profiled. It doesn't matter if you are profiled while committing a crime.

I want to talk about our ability to group every other culture but ourselves. We will quickly tell you the nationality that does nails...and works landscaping...and owns gas stations...and beauty supply stores. Why is it that we have no idea what our strengths are? We have wasted many years since the abolishment of Jim Crow. Now that we can clearly see what we are great at...Let's do it.

None of this matters as long as We can't agree. Even on our show, we can't agree. Even Jaye Smooth can't agree. Well, his eyes. Trust me when I tell you that Jaye Smooth's eyes never agree on which direction to look....


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