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Jaye Smooth’s Answer To Civil Rights? Become The Bully #TNNS96

Woman gets stabbed over the last rib
Christian fanatics hating on gay marriage
Civil Rights for everything no matter how obscure
Starting sex earlier can make you better at sex

 We start the show off talking about a dispute between two women over ribs. In the end a woman is arrested and another woman was stabbed in the eye with a fork. Jaye Smooth agrees with this behavior as he admits to keeping tabs on how much people eat at Bar-B-Qs. I take it to another place by expressing my disdain for any national holiday…Especially the created ones. Jaye Smooth gives grilling tips.
 Next we talk about yet another christian woman with an opinion she wants to express to the secular world. She calls most christians lukewarm because they dont stand up to gay marriages being made commonplace. I challenge the two christians on the show to see how they feel about the warmth.
 We also transition this to everybody wanting to claim civil rights for every new group or niche of people. Is it okay for anybody with any difference to come out and expect everyone to validate their claim to be different? No disrespect to Caitlyn Jenner and her plight to get equal rights. But at some point, are we going to just accept any and everything? I do believe that being transgendered is something that deserves respect. I also am saying that at some point there will be someone who is white and comes out and says that they feel black. Is it okay to call bullshit?
 Jaye Smooth says that you dont need civil rights because all you have to do is be the bully.
Last we discuss correlation between the age you began having sex and how good you are at sex. Jaye Smooth perjures himself about the year he lost his virginity. He excuses this by having a creative mind. Thus spawning the new nickname “beautiful mind”. Does the year you get into sex force you to have a certain idea about sex?
I was able to find the picture that I mentioned in the intro> Jamie Mack thought it was a meme. It is clearly a picture with no meme necessary.

African dodger (or Hit the Coon) was a carnival game played in the United States, in which an African-American would be forced to stick his head through a canvas curtain, and attempt to dodge objects thrown at him by players.


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