You are currently viewing Jaye Smooth Will Let You Bang Out His Girl #TNNS134

Jaye Smooth Will Let You Bang Out His Girl #TNNS134

Jaye Smooth Will Let You Bang Out His Girl #TNNS134

Winning in marriage
Not buying any gifts to support Million Man March 2
End of days preparation
Open Marriages

Jamie Mack is winning. His wife no longer wants personal gifts. He has the ability to buy household items that they can share. The true test of any marriage is whether or not you have to buy your woman a gift for every holiday. I never thought about this when it came to having sister wives. I am not being 4 Valentine’s Day gifts.
Jaye Smooth wants to prove that his contributions are worthy. So he freestyles a topic about Black Friday. I am still not sure what the topic was. So I jumped in and mentioned that we should all respect the Million Man March 2’s request to not celebrate Christmas with gifts this year. Who is with me? Anyone?
Next, we talk about what our plans are for when the proverbial Stuff hits the fan. When banks close and the economy plummets, where are you planning on spending the rebuilding period? Jamie Mack has the idea that he will be able to last at his house. Jaye Smooth plans on going underground. I am headed back to the mountains where my white ancestors became genetic mutations and planned the new world order of this age.
Last we discuss Toya and Monique’s open marriage situations. How many dudes are really willing to have an open marriage if it were their woman cheating? Probably not many....


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