You are currently viewing Jaye Smooth Will Call The Cops On His Own Kid #TNNS80

Jaye Smooth Will Call The Cops On His Own Kid #TNNS80

Jaye Smooth starts the show off with his approval of Jamie Mack’s insanity manifesto. The person least likely to enjoy it, actually did. Is this a sign that Jaye is crazy also.

Next, we discuss whether or not gay civil rights are equal to black civil rights. Is it possible to compare these two struggles? Gay people would like for the struggle to seem similar, but there seem to be large gaps between the consequences to be one or the other.

Jamie Mack brings up the concept of having a bucket list. What things fill your list? Most of us realize that we have none or very few aspirations for filling a bucket list? Why isn't this important to us? Jamie Mack decides to go for broke and comes up with a ridiculous list addition.

Lastly, how far would you go to protect your kids? If your child came to you after killing someone, would you help them get away? Would you help them hide the body? Would you turn them in?...


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