You are currently viewing Jaye Smooth Wants His Steak All Brown #TNNS73 with guest Coco

Jaye Smooth Wants His Steak All Brown #TNNS73 with guest Coco

Jaye Smooth starts the show off with Friendly Advice. I am not sure why his advice is so unfriendly. I get the feeling he is using this platform to air out his issues with women. Our guest, who happens to be a female, gets a chance to pay him back with No Nonsense Trivia.

Jamie Mack wants to discuss why people always associate positive things with God working through them. However, when they do things that are not socially acceptable, they don’t also attribute this to God’s work. Of course, I am loving the discussion because as i see it, Jamie Mack is one step closer to reality. Our guest issues an opposite opinion. Jaye Smooth jumps back and forth. I stay completely out of it.

I bring it back to silly with a discussion about taking a woman on an expensive vacation. Everything is paid for and the scene is set. Out of the blue, you get into a very serious argument that could be relationship ending. Do you still expect sex during the vacation? Women, do you still give it up? We run through all of the scenarios including period sex while on vacation. Our guest drops the bombshell that if you take a really cold bath, the period will stop flowing for a while. **Women don’t try this at home**.

Lastly, we bring back a mini-episode of Pillow Talk. The wife and I talk about whether fingering is having sex. Teenagers these days are using alternate methods of sex. Being that we have two teenage daughters, this is a sensitive topic. And we hit it hard....


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