You are currently viewing Jaye Smooth Teaching Strippers Honesty & Frugality #TNNS195

Jaye Smooth Teaching Strippers Honesty & Frugality #TNNS195

Jaye Smooth Teaching Strippers Honesty & Frugality #TNNS195

Jamie Mack wants to know if it is possible to transition from a hustler life to one of squaredom. Everyone knows you can’t turn a whore into a housewife. Mack feels like it would be too hard to convert from making seemingly easy money to having to work for Massa' to get a few pieces of change. I don’t believe that being a stripper or drug dealer is an easy job. In fact, it may be harder and the lifespan is much shorter than working for a corporation. Jaye Smooth proves how desperate he is. He will save a stripper out of the life she chose by choosing her and teaching her about frugality.

Next Jaye Smooth wants the opportunity to talk about how smart his daughter is once again. Actually, he wants to talk about whether or not it is still a good idea to push kids towards college. A decline in job opportunities has college graduates working in fields very far from their major. How can we keep herding young people towards this place? All of the documentaries showing how colleges run themselves like businesses instead of schools. The bottom line effects the curriculum.

Lastly Jaye Smooth wants to talk about losing your sex drive. He is a Drive Shamer. He feels it necessary to maintain his male bravado even for us and the listeners. It is okay to have a weakness, Jaye Smooth. You are pushing 40. Those parts don’t work forever. You don’t necessarily need Viagra to be effective through your older years. Maybe just a new trick or some cat naps....


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