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Jaye Smooth Tattoos His Friendship #TNNS97

Jaye Smooth has an awful tattoo
Are black single mothers failing our young men
Quitting Coke, Starting Moutain Dew

We start the show trying to talk about some topic that bothered Jamie Mack. But before the show, it was revealed that Jaye Smooth has an awesome tattoo. So we had to discuss that instead. In his earlier years, Jaye Smooth wanted to get a tattoo but had no idea what to get. So he decided on a Japanese symbol. The jury is out on whether or not he got the symbol meaning “friend” or the symbol meaning “hard & strong”. Somewhere along the way he also added that it was really Hard And Strong Black Man. Now I am not sure if this is even a possibility in the Japanese language. Or if this is possible with one character. Jaye Smooth is obviously lying and it brings up the idea that all of us with foreign language symbols need to get it checked out.
Next, we listen to a clip where a man goes in on single back mothers. He accuses them of failing the culture and raising black effeminate savages. We discuss this as seriously as we can do on our show (that is hard to do, obviously).  Is this really a problem that black women are responsible for? Does the narrator completely kill the message by using harsh language? We don't pull punches on this topic. Even though this is not an accurate description of every single back mother, this is accurate for a lot of single black mothers and therefore is pertinent.
Is there a point where we as black people should cut off the hand to save the body? We use the analogy of a burning house and saving the ones who want to leave and leaving the ones who want to stay. Is there any weight to this?
Last we talk about Jaye Smooth's switching from Coke to Mountain Dew to preserve his teeth white-ness. He also brought up a case where someone sued Mountain Dew because he claimed that there was a mouse in his can. Mountain Dew attacked back by stating that a mouse could not last for even thirty days in a can of Mountain Dew because it would be dissolved. Now Jaye Smooth is scared to drink soda....


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