You are currently viewing Jaye Smooth Stages His Own Intervention #TNNS282

Jaye Smooth Stages His Own Intervention #TNNS282

Jaye Smooth Stages His Own Intervention #TNNS282

Jaye Smooth apparently shows off for any guest. We originally thought that he just acted like this when women were around. Today he shows off for a man. Maybe this is further support for him being the star of the show. He and Jamie Mack are no longer connected in their united front against me. Over the weekend, I had a listener tell me that he didn't know that I was the self-proclaimed philosopher. This is only after telling me that he knew Jamie Mack was the ADHD sufferer. So that means that he thought Jaye Smooth was the philosopher. What??? I ask Jaye Smooth to go deep just to prove to this listener that he is most definitely not the philosopher. You already know how that went.

Next, I want to talk about the men walking around the world thinking that the kids that they call their kids…are not really their kids. According to the article we read, 30% of kids tested are not biologically related to the man they are calling dad. Meanwhile, they are paying child support and can’t get out of this bind even through court and the legal system. We need new laws to help the men in these situations.

Jaye Smooth needs advice. He needs help to be a better person. All of this timeout in the streets doing wrong and finally he thinks to ask for help. I have never known of a person to stage their own intervention. Jaye Smooth does. Or is this just a topic he came up with at the last minute?

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